Hi Kreatifans!

Rerancang team has working on rebranding of Premier Insurance Broker (PIB) logo and others identity design. Our challenge is to unite some of the commissioner’s thoughts from PIB and eliminate the “horse” nuances found in their old logos. We also had a challenge so that the culture of PIB which previously was not carried over to the new PIB.


Interested in seeing the results of the Design Teamwork? Kreatifans can visit the web page of Premier Insurance Broker.

The Philosophy of the Premier Insurance Broker Logo

By combining the shielding and the protection element symbolized as the letter “I” on “PIB”. The form of a clear shield reflects PIB as a persistent company.

Others Identity

PT. Premier Investama Bersama was established in September 2010. With several reform deeds following market needs that have been observed holistically, we have made major changes to becoming an insurance broker and risk consultant by providing comprehensive insurance services.